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For almost years, toReinhold Schlegelmilch's initials, RS, appeared in various marks on fine German porcelain. Probably today's most desired pieces are those marked RS Prussia. Due to dating rs germany marks higher value, the RS Prussia mark has been forged and copied since the late s. This article will review the new and forged RS marks and compare them to original markings. It will also look at other ways fakers attempt to enhance or imitate RS porcelain.

What really confused collectors and dealers for quite some time is the fact that there were so many 'Schlegelmilch' factories. Although the different firm owners had the same surname, they represented the production dating rs germany marks of two distinctly un-related families. These facts have been known sincethe year that Bernd Hartwich published his results after intensive research on the matter. But this information was not available in America until the English translation was published in the U. The extensive historical research by Ron Capers shows there was no blood relationship between Leonard and Reinhold. The facts are actually quite simple.

See also. Browse antiques and rs germany, rs is very helpful information for different reasons that on the wording in marks: r. This strange arrangement see also applied for dating rs germany marks wording in suhl, rs prussia, bavaria, rs germany. Rs prussia mark used by the tillowitz.
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Identifying a dating rs germany marks on a piece of pottery or porcelain is often the first step in researching the value of these antique and collectible pieces. This guide provides marks found on both antique and contemporary collectible pottery and porcelain from the United States and other countries and includes dating information and a brief history relating to the companies included wherever possible. The company made utilitarian art pottery and bathroom fixtures. Bought by Universal Rundle Corp. Reference: Potteries Across Texas Website.

Because fakes and replicas or reproductions abound, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable of the Prussia marks, molds, and transfers in determining authenticity. Scroll over image to view full size. There are many different molds in the Prussia world. Approximately the first fifty numbered molds in her books have popular names for those molds. Beyond that, molds are only identified by number. In addition, not dating rs germany marks molds have been identified. Even though some of the Prussia resource books are no longer in print, they can still be found on eBay, Amazon. For more information about Prussia resource books, visit the books page on this site.

Dates landing in that zone would be considered unreliable. It's a little like weighing a flea on a truck scales or weighing a brick on a scales designed to weigh envelopes. If the brick depresses the envelope scales all the way to the highest mark, you conclude that the brick weighs at least that much. If the flea doesn't depress the scales at the truck stop, you conclude that it weighs less than dating rs germany marks weight which barely moves those scales. Consequently, the choice of scales will not dictate the result.

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